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Cement Faucets? Ritmonio comes back to surprise !!!!!

Cement Faucets? Ritmonio comes back to surprise !!!!!

Ritmonio launches the Haptic Series and Diameter 35 with cement handles. With this news, which arrives in Portugal by the hand of Divitek, Interior Design and Architecture are never the same. Imagine being able to combine your faucets with the decoration of the bathrooms? The possibilities are endless, since it can combine the Haptic series with 9 different colors of handles and also a special handle with concrete finish idealized by the Italian Designer Simone Micheli. The handles are even in cement, to which special treatment is applied with an innovative technology to facilitate cleaning and leave it with an always new look.


Also the Ritmonio Star series, the Diametro 35 Inox, features a circular handle in the color concrete that gives the option to combine with the INOX 316. The Serie Diametro 35 Inox is one of the most complete series of Ritmonio and it has lavatory faucets , separate faucets and counter tops with various spouts as well as various sizes, bathtub, shower, etc … All this has allowed many architects, in projects worldwide, to choose this series to apply in their luxury projects.



As if that were not enough, we can inform you that, to complement these two series, Ritmonio presents the stainless steel showers of the Almenoindue Series with the optional rims also in cement and with the same colors of the taps. So that the decorative component is exceptional.



As you can see, this revolutionary Italian brand is once again surprising with products that can make a difference in unique architectural and decoration projects. Imagine combining the cement with microwells, ceramic or porcelain with cement tones, or other type of products that can match these finishes? We do not stay here, for interior decorators, looking for the hardest, imagine combining these products with rugs, towels, soaps. For this and much more we recommend that if you are an Architect, Interior Decorator or have a project where you need our help, just ask why Divitek is a specialist in solutions for Architecture and Interior Design. You can also request the access key to our professional area, where you can access to download catalogs, price lists, design catalogs, etc. You can also receive our newsletters with news and news from our brands.