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In 2019, Profiltek is proud to be able to offer its custom made shower bases

In 2019, Profiltek is proud to be able to offer its custom made shower bases

The company specialized in bathing areas Profiltek inaugurates in 2018 a new factory of shower bases to measure.

One of the main novelties that the company Profiltek presented is the new collection of extraplanos shower bases, launched in the market to complete its range of products with innovative proposals, of great quality and with aesthetic value.


In total there are seven solutions (Gotham, Zenda, Lotus, Daray, Matis, Rodik and Konvert) that are 30% lighter than conventional bases, which facilitates their transport, handling and installation. They also have antibacterial technology and are very easy to clean, besides having non-slip characteristics.

Like the partitions, Profiltek shower trays are also adaptable to each space, since they are made of resin with mineral fillers so that they can be cut according to the space available. They can also be produced in any color in the RAL range.

Produced with ecological materials, these products from Profiltek also allow possible repairs in the future and are available in three textures: stone, shale and totally smooth using SOLIDTEK technology.

In general, Profiltek has been able to adapt its quality to the high demand of this sector, with products of high performance that incorporate technology to the service of daily necessities.

These include the manufacture of partitions to suit the needs of each establishment, the Teknoclean anti-scale treatment, developed to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the partitions; and the Imagik digital printing system, which allows you to customize the glass and turn it into a decorative element in interior designs.

Bet on Contract channel

Profiltek continues its strong commitment to the Contract channel, which represents around 10% of the company’s total billing. In this way, Profiltek has quintupled its growth in this channel, where it has design projects for hotel companies, as well as work on innovation for architecture.

Among the most prominent projects in Portugal are facilities for the Turim Hotels chain, which relies on Profiltek technology for the bathrooms in its units, with 6 hotels with Profiltek products. To Divitek that we are the representatives in Portugal and advising Architects and Designers, we can announce that in the year 2018 more than 20 hotel units were equipped with products of the brand Profiltek.

With all these new features, Profiltek continues to increase personalization possibilities for the shower room, with more than 20 million possible combinations and solutions that continue to win final customers, public health professionals and professionals in decoration, architecture and design, who count on all these new possibilities for their projects.