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Divitek is a company created with the purpose of representing a selected range of manufacturers of high quality products and productive control so that they can be recommended to Architects, Interior Decorators and even Engineers, for the creation of fully customized designs and with the highest guarantees of quality and efficiency.

Divitek counts on a network of Commercial Technicians, highly trained in the products and solutions that it represents, to be able to give advice both in the creative part of the project and in the supply part through the network of distributors that represent our brands throughout the national territory .

Inkiostro Bianco

At Divitek we try to differentiate ourselves by helping to create new projects in Portugal, using our more than 19 years of experience in the sector. This experience has allowed us to verify the lack of quality of choices and advice that Architecture and Design Professionals suffer in their daily lives. Part of the offer on the market at the moment is not produced in the EU but imported by the brands that represent them, which may raise doubts as to their quality and guarantees. Divitek’s objective is the exclusive representation of brands that manufacture their products in the territory of the EU and that have productive control of them, so that we can provide the maximum guarantee in the products that we present to the professionals of Architecture, Design and Engineering.

Relatively our brands:

High quality.

Productive control.

Supply capacity, from small work to large projects.

Excellent after-sales service.

Possibility of special and customized productions for the most unique project.

Relatively our work:

Highly motivated team with great professional sense.

Professionals with extensive technical training of our products.

Ability to identify the needs of each project.

With extensive knowledge of the commercial network, to support the supply of projects.