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Inkiostro Bianco


Divitek brings to Portugal one of the most prestigious Italian design brands, specializing in the production of vinyl wallpaper, fiberglass floor and wall coating solutions and high levels of traffic and water resistance. This brand brings a world of solutions for architects and designers to customize your projects.
Inkiostro Bianco is the right choice for a fresh start, a threshold for something new. Inkiostro bianco, a brand, an ambitious project, a laboratory of ideas applied to the design and production of decorative graphics aimed at reinterpreting the concept of wallpaper. A journey, an ongoing experimentation that approaches art as a universal synthesis of past and present that can embrace the ever-changing world of design. Inkiostro Bianco is recognized as the only example of collaboration between the world of pictorial art and digital graphics, a combination that underscores the brand’s dynamic spirit, full of change and continuous innovation, versatile and original graphic solutions, adaptability for all. situations, triggering emotions that embrace time.  –  Made in Italy