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Divitek brings to Portugal one of the most prestigious Italian design brands, specializing in the production of vinyl wallpaper, solutions of soil and fiberglass walls and high levels of resistance to traffic and water. This brand brings a world of solutions for architects and designers to customize their designs.

The Inkiostro Bianco is the right choice for a new beginning, a threshold of passage for something new. Inkiostro bianco, a brand, an ambitious project, a laboratory of ideas applied to the design and production of decorative graphics that aim at reinterpreting the concept of wallpaper. A journey, a continuous experimentation that approaches art as a universal synthesis between past and present capable of embracing the changing world of design. Inkiostro Bianco is recognized as the only example of collaboration between the world of pictorial art and digital graphics, a combination that highlights the dynamic spirit of the brand, full of changes and continuous innovations, versatile and original graphic solutions, adaptability for all the situations, provoking emotions that embrace time.  –  Made in Italy


Historical mark of Italian Design and Luxury faucets. It is the brand that idealized and launched, long years ago, one of the most iconic series of faucets, the Diametro 35 Inox, a series that for its simplicity, design and several technical options was chosen by thousands of Architects, all over the world, to equip their projects.

Ritmónio gives rise to exclusive, genuine and fully Made in Italy products that are capable of meeting a wide range of functional and environmental needs.  –  Made in Italy


Largest Iberian manufacturer of custom-made bath restraints and a reference in quality solutions for individuals, builders, hotels and unique projects.

The wide range of Profiltek finishes allows endless solutions of Bath Protection for your project. More and more Architects and Hotels in Portugal are betting on Profiltek products. Divitek is proud to be Profiltek’s representative in Portugal.

This manufacturer has 25 years of experience in the sector, having been present in Portugal for 20 years, in which it has already supplied more than 30 000 hotel reservations and major real estate projects.

In addition to a wide range of bespoke shower enclosures, Profiltek also markets bespoke resin shower enclosures.  –  Made in Spain


The Ragno brand is one of the historical protagonists of the development and success of the Italian ceramic industry in the world. Founded in 1949 in Sassuolo, Modena became a major player in the growth of the Italian ceramic district, differentiating itself in the production of coatings for the home and in the 60s and 70s in the production of enamelled ceramics for floors and coatings intended for various industry segments of construction at national and international level.

Ragno arrives in Portugal in 2016 at the hands of Divitek. Its products are required in Portugal for its different formats, timeless series and the various solutions in interior decoration that they offer, this allied to its high quality, make this a reference mark oriented to the market of Architecture and Interior Design.  –  Made in Italy


The only Iberian manufacturer of waterproofing systems with polyester and EVA geotextiles. Revestech has a variety of waterproofing systems for bathrooms, terraces, balconies, swimming pools and other critical building areas. In addition Revestech specializes in Italian shower systems and the new LEVEL shower tray.

Divitek is the management company, in Portugal, of the trainings to Architects, Engineers and Builders.

Waterproofing with geotextiles and EVAC of terraces, showers, balconies, etc.

Work shower systems with guaranteed waterproofing  –  Made in Spain


Buto is the new Divitek brand in Portugal. It is a company focused on the design and manufacture of high quality and tailor made bathroom furniture. A brand that understands design as a solution specific to every need and confronts every project from the beginning as unique and customized for each space. Timeless and uncommon solutions that are achieved by the masterful combination of different high quality materials. We collaborate with architects and interior designers to approach each project based on its conceptualization and thus to be able to give the best final result.  –  Made in Spain


Premium manufacturer of custom made bath furniture, bathtubs and shower bases in Solid Surface and Corian. This manufacturer stands out, in addition to its quality of production and guarantee, by the diversity of Design of its products.

The offer is very diversified in terms of measures, different materials, finishes of wood, lacquered in RAL colors and also the possibility to manufacture the specific product for your project.  –  Made in Spain


Decus and a new brand of ceramics specializing in ceramic formats with 3D reliefs as well as small formats that seeks to give solutions to singular projects where the notes mark the difference.

In 2018, Divitek presents Decus in Portugal presenting the brand in Architects and Designers as well as guaranteeing a network of Reference Stores and Building Materials where the brand can be searched.

Decus tamen allows the possibility of creating Hadoc ceramics for projects as well as ceramics with customer-personalized digital printing.  –  Made in Spain



Musola and a recent Design brand that manufactures Luxury Interior and Exterior furnishings for unique interior design projects.

Soon it will be available in the best shops and Interior Design in Portugal.  –  Made in Spain